Step by Step Instructions for Applying to the Department
Undergraduate Instructions

If your interested in mechanical engineering or materials science for your major, you can first find out what Rice has to offer.

We have a wealth of information about our department here on our web site. You can explore the site to find out more about the department and what the faculty are doing as well as what is generally expected of our undergraduate students.

Second, you need to obtain an application form and other paperwork.

Undergraduate admissions is handled by the Office of Admissions and NOT by the department itself. If you are interested in getting an application form or finding out more about Rice, including other programs, check with the Office of Admissions and take a look at RiceInfo, Rice's main World Wide Web Site.

Contact Information:

Office of Admissions - MS-17
Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005-1892

Telephone: 1-713-348-4036
E-mail for US citizens:
International E-mail:

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