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With this preprint series the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science provides the opportunity for interested parties to keep abreast of the latest research carried out in the Department. To receive a copy of one of our preprints, please send a message to

2004-001   Srinivas Ramakrishnan and S. Scott Collis
Multiscale Modeling for Turbulence Simulation in Complex Geometries

2004-002   Guoquan Chen and S. Scott Collis
Toward Optimal Control of Aeroacoustic Flows using Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations

2004-003   M.M. Carroll
A strain energy function for rubber

2004-004   K. Stein, T. E. Tezduyar, S. Sathe, R. Benney, and R. Charles
Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling of Parachute Soft-Landing

2004-005   T. E. Tezduyar
Stabilized Finite Element Methods for Flows With Moving Boundaries and Interfaces

2004-006   L. Catabriga, A.L.G.A. Coutinho, and T.E. Tezduyar
Compressible Flow SUPG Stabilization Parameters Computed From Element-Edge Matrices

2004-007   T.E. Tezduyar and S. Sathe
Enhanced-Discretization Successive Update Method (EDSUM)

2004-008   M.A. Cruchaga, D.J. Celentano, and T.E. Tezduyar
Moving-Interface Computations with the Edge-Tracked Interface Locator Technique (ETILT)

2004-009   T.E. TezduyarFinite element methods for fluid dynamics with moving boundaries and interfaces

2004-010   T.E. Tezduyar
Moving Boundaries And Interfaces

2004-011   T.E. Tezduyar and A. Sameh
Parallel Computing

2004-012   T.E. Tezduyar, S. Sathe, R. Keedy, and K. Stein
Space-Time Techniques For Finite Element Computation Of Flows With Moving Boundaries And Interfaces

2004-013   F. Rispoli, P. Borrelli, and T. Tezduyar
Discontinuity-Capturing Directional Dissipation (DCDD) In Computation Of Turbulent Flows

2004-014   T.E. Tezduyar
Determination Of The Stabilization And Shock-Capturing Parameters In SUPG Formulation Of Compressible Flows

2004-015   J. Ed Akin and T.E. Tezduyar
SUPG Stabilization Parameters Calculated From The Quadrature-Point Components Of The Element-Level Matrices

2004-016   T.E. Tezduyar
Methods For Computation Of Moving Boundaries And Interfaces

2004-017   K.R. Stein, T.E. Tezduyar, V. Kumar, S.V. Sathe, R.J. Benney, and R.D. Charles
Numerical Simulation Of Soft Landing For Clusters Of Cargo Parachutes

2004-018   T.E. Tezduyar, S. Sathe, and R. Keedy
Space-Time Finite Element Techniques for Computation of Fluid-Structure Interactions

2004-019   T.E. Tezduyar
Interface-Tracking And Interface-Capturing Techniques For Finite Element Computation Of Moving Boundaries And Interfaces

2004-020   M.A. Cruchaga, D.J. Celentano, and T.E. Tezduyar
Modeling of Moving Interface Problems with the ETILT

2004-021   K.R. Stein, T.E. Tezduyar, S.V. Sathe, M. Senga, R.J. Benney, and R.D. Charles
Computational Methods and Applications in Parachute Maneuvers

2004-022   K.R. Stein, T.E. Tezduyar, S.V. Sathe, M. Senga, R.J. Benney, and R.D. Charles
Computation of Parachute Maneuvers

2004-023   F. Rispoli, P. Borelli and T.E. Tezduyar
Computation of Turbulent Flows with the Discontinuity-Capturing Directional Dissipation

2004-024   F. Rispoli, P. Borelli, and T.E. Tezduyar
DCDD in Finite Element Computation of Turbulent Flows

2004-025   T.E. Tezduyar and M. Senga
Determination of the Shock-Capturing Parameters in SUPG Formulation of Compressible Flows

2004- 026   R. Torii, M. Oshima, T. Kobayashi, K. Takagi, and T.E. Tezduyar
Computation of Cardiovascular Fluid-Structure Interactions with the DSD/SST Method

2004-027   T.E. Tezduyar
Interface-Tracking and Interface-Capturing Techniques for Computation of Moving Boundaries and Interfaces

2004-028   T.E. Tezduyar
Advanced Computational Techniques for Moving Boundaries and Interfaces

2004-029   K. Takizawa, T. Yabe, and T.E. Tezduyar
Flow Calculations with the Soroban CIP Scheme

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