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With this preprint series the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science provides the opportunity for interested parties to keep abreast of the latest research carried out in the Department. To receive a copy of one of our preprints, please send a message to

2001-001   T. Tezduyar and Y. Osawa
The Multi-Domain Method for Computation of the Aerodynamics of a Parachute Crossing the Far Wake of an Aircraft

2001-002   T. Tezduyar and Y. Osawa
Fluid-Structure Interactions of a Parachute Crossing the Far Wake of an Aircraft

2001-003   L. Yowell, B. Mayeaux, H. Wang, and E. Barrera
Application of Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerenes for Thermal Management in Ceramics

2001-004   T. Tezduyar
Computational Mechanics in Modeling of Airdrop Systems

2001-005   K. Stein, R. Benney, T. Tezduyar, J. Leonard, and M. Accorsi
Fluid-Structure Interactions of a Round Parachute: Modeling and Simulation Techniques

2001-006   V. Udoewa, R. Keedy, T. Tezduyar, T. Nonoshita, K. Stein, R. Benney, and A. Johnson
Computational Aerodynamics of a Paratrooper Separating from an Aircraft

2001-007   K. Stein, R. Benney, T. Tezduyar, V. Kumar, S. Sathe, E. Thornburg, C. Kyle, and T. Nonoshita
Aerodynamic Interactions Involving Multiple Parachute Canopies

2001-008   P. Spanos, Panayiotis C. Roussis, and N. Politis
Dynamic Analysis of Stacked Rigid Blocks

2001-009   P. Spanos, M. Di Paola, and G. Failla
A Galerkin Approach for Power Spectrum Determination of Nonlinear Oscillators

2001-010   T. Tezduyar, V. Kumar, S. Sathe, K. Stein, R. Benney, E. Thornburg, C. Kyle, T. Nonoshita
Aerodynamic and Fluid-Structure Interactions of Multiple Parachute Canopies

2001-011   T. Tezduyar
Adaptive Determination of the Finite Element Stabilization Parameters

2001-012   T. Tezduyar
Finite Element Interface-Tracking and Interface-Capturing Techniques for Flows with Moving Boundaries and Interfaces

2001-013   T. Tezduyar
Stabilized Finite Element Formulations and Interface-Tracking and Interface-Capturing Techniques for Incompressible Flows

2001-014   S. Collis, K. Ghayour, M. Heinkenschloss, M. Ulbrich, S. Ulbrich
Optimal Control of Unsteady Compressible Viscous Flows

2001-015   M. M. Carroll
On Sabinešs Formula for Reverberation Time

2001-016   M. M. Carroll
Must Elastic Materials Be Hyperelastic?

2001-017   M. M. Carroll
Finite Deformations and Motions of a Pre-stressed Incompressible Elastic Tube

2001-018   M. M. Carroll
Implications of Shieldšs Inverse Deformation Theorem for Compressible Finite Elasticity

2001-019   P. Spanos and P. Tratskas
Evolutionary Spectrum Estimation via the Wavelet Transform

2001-020   M. M. Carroll
A Note on Irrotational Finite Elastic Deformations

2001-021   H. Johari, K. Stein, and T. Tezduyar
Impulsively Started Flow About a Rigid Parachute Canopy

2001-022   M. Cruchanga, D. Celentano, and T. Tezduyar
Cmputation of Mould Filling Processes with a Moving Lagrangian Interface Technique

2001-023   M. M. Carroll
Non-Isochoric Bending and Shearing

2001-024   Y. Chang, S. S. Collis, and Ramakrishnan
Viscous Effects on Control of Near-Wall Turbulence

2001-025   M. M. Carroll
Polymers with Limiting Chain Extensibility

2001-026   G. Failla, P. D. Spanos, M. Di Paola
Response Power Spectrum of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear Systems by a Galerkin Technique

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