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With this preprint series the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science provides the opportunity for interested parties to keep abreast of the latest research carried out in the Department. To receive a copy of one of our preprints, please send a message to

2000-001   A. Anderson and T. Tezduyar
A K-PHD Education Program in Flow Simulation and Modeling

2000-002   J. E. Akin and J. Bass
Asymmetric Turbulent Jet Flow

2000-003   R. Johnson, P. Spanos, and P. Tratskas
Multi-Segment Large Space Robot: Concept and Design

2000-004   P. Spanos and B. Zeldin
Pitfalls of Time Domain and Random Vibration Analyses of Systems with Frequency Dependent Parameters

2000-005   H. Johari, K. Stein, and T. Tezduyar
Temporal Evolution of the Near Wake of an Impulsively Started Parachute Canopy

2000-006   S. Collis, Y. Chang, S. Kellogg, and R. Prabhu
Large Eddy Simulation and Turbulence Control

2000-007   A. Dobrinsky and S. Collis
Adjoint Parabolized Stability Equations for Receptivity Prediction

2000-008  Y. Osawa and T. Tezduyar
A Multi-Domain Method for Flow Past a Parachute Crossing the Far Wake of an Aircraft

2000-009   M. Behr and T. Tezduyar
Shear-Slip Mesh Update in 3D Computation of Complex Flow Problems with Rotating Mechanical Components

2000-010   K. Stein, R. Benney, and T. Tezduyar
Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Parachute Fluid-Structure Interactions

2000-011   Y. Pappas, P. Spanos, and V. Kostopoulos
Markov Chains for Damage Accumulation of Organic and Ceramic Matrix Composites

2000-012   P. Spanos and S. Tsavachidis
Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis of a Nonlinear System with a Biot Visco-Elastic Element

2000-013   R. Benney, K. Stein, T. Tezduyar, M. Accorsi, W. Zhang, and J. Leonard
Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling of the US Army Personnel Parachute System

2000-014   R. Prabhu, S. Collis, and Y. Chang
The Influence of Control on Reduced Order Models for Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows

2000-015  G. Davis and P. Spanos
A Perspective on the Vibration Overtest Problem

2000-016  S. Collis
Monitoring Unresolved Scales in Multiscale Turbulence Modeling

2000-017  M. Cruchaga, D. Celentano, and T. Tezduyar
A Moving Lagrangian Interface Technique for Flow Computations over Fixed Meshes

2000-018  T. Tezduyar
Computational Methods for Environmental Fluid Mechanics

2000-019  A. Dobrinsky and S. Collis
Adjoint Methods for Receptivity Prediction in Nonparallel Flows

2000-020  T. Tezduyar
Finite Element Methods for Flow Problems with Moving Boundaries and Interfaces

2000-021  K. Stein, R. Benney, T. Tezduyar, and J. Potvin
Fluid-Structure Interactions of a Cross Parachute: Numerical Simulation

2000-022  T. Tezduyar, Y. Osawa, K. Stein, R. Benney, V. Kumar, and J. McCune
Numerical Methods for Computer Assisted Analysis of Parachute Mechanics

2000-023  P. Spanos and G. Davis
A Perspective on the Vibration Overtest Problem

2000-024  D. Zang and R. McLellan
The Transient Diffusion of Hydrogen in Finite Metal Films and Spheres Containing Trapping Sites

2000-025  D. Zang and R. McLellan
The Transient Diffusion of Hydrogen in Metals Containing Trapping Sites Part I: Semi-Infinite Films

2000-026  J. Mao and R. McLellan
The Interaction Between Lattice Vacancies and Hydrogen in Aluminum

2000-027  T. Tezduyar
Interface-Tracking and Interface-Capturing Techniques for Computation of Two-Fluid Flows

2000-028  L. Haubelt, R. Melton, W. Yee, and T. Tezduyar
Aerodynamics of the Crew Return Vehicle and Parafoil at Different Opening Stages

2000-029  V. Udoewa, R. Keedy, T. Nonoshita, T. Tezduyar, K. Stein, and A. Johnson
Aerodynamic Simulation of an Object Separating from an Aircraft During Initial Deployment

2000-030  K. Stein, R. Benney, T. Tezduyar, V. Kumar, E. Thornburg, C. Kyle, and T. Nonoshita
Aerodynamic Interaction Between Multiple Parachute Canopies

2000-031  S. Collis, K. Ghayour, M. Heinkenschloss, M. Ulbrich, and S. Ulbrich
Numerical Solutions of Optimal Control Problems Governed by the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equation

2000-032  S. Collis, K. Ghayour, M. Heinkenschloss, M. Ulbrich, and S. Ulbrich
Towards Adjoint-Based Methods for Aeroacoustic Control

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