MEMS Preprints

With this preprint series the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science provides the opportunity for interested parties to keep abreast of the latest research carried out in the Department. To receive a copy of one of our preprints, please send a message to

1999-001   M. Behr and T. Tezduyar
Shear-Slip Mesh Update in 3D Computation of Complex Flow Problems with Rotating Mechanical Component

1999-002   A. Johnson and T. Tezduyar
Methods for 3D Computation of Fluid-Object Interactions in Spatially-Periodic Flows

1999-003   T. Tezduyar
CFD Methods for 3D Computation of Complex Flow Problems

1999-004   R.B. McLellan and D. Zang
Statistical Mechanics of Hydrogen in F.C.C. Solid Solutions

1999-005   D. Zang and R.B. McLellan
A Finite Difference Calculation of Vacancy Migration under None-steady State Conditions

1999-006   D. Zang and R.B. McLellan
Concentration-Distance Profiles Resulting from the Hydrogen-Charging of Metal Lattices under High Fugacity Conditions

1999-007   D. Zang, P. Maroevic, and R.B. McLellan
Hydrogen-Induced Vacancies on Metal Surfaces

1999-008   J.E. Akin, N.R. Dove and S.K. Smith
Asymmetric Nozzle Hydraulics Improve Bit Performance

1999-009   Y. Bayazitoglu, S. Maruyama, and P. Hos
Phase Change Studies with Molecular Dynamics: A Computer Simulation

1999-010   Y. Wang and Y. Bayazitoglu
Wavelets and the Discrete Ordinate Method for Radiative Heat Transfer in a Two-Dimensional Rectangular Enclosure with a Nongray Medium

1999-011   A. Fuentes and Y. Bayazitoglu
Effect of the Non-spherical Shape on the Oscillations of Levitated Droplets

1999-012   M. Dubec, F.R. Brotzen, and C.F. Dunn
Electrostatic Adhesion Testing of Thin Metallic Layers

1999-013   F. Ghorbel, P.S. Gandhi, and F. Altpeter
On the Kinematic Error in Harmonic Drive Gears

1999-014   Y. Chang and S.S. Collis
Active Control of Turbulent Channel Flows Based on Large Eddy Simulation

1999-015   S.S. Collis and S.K. Lele
Receptivity to Surface Roughness Near a Swept Leading-edge

1999-016   J.E. Akin, N.R. Dove, S.K. Smith and L.M. Smith
Review of Drilling Performance with Fluid Nozzles

1999-017   X. Zhong and Y. Bayazitoglu
Electromagnetic Field and Lifting Capacity for Longitudinal Electromagnetic Levitator

1999-018   P.S. Spanos and V.R.S. Rao
Random Field Representation in a Biorthogonal Wavelet Basis

1999-019   T. Tezduyar and Y. Osawa
Methods for Parallel Computation of Complex Flow Problems

1999-020   K. Stein, R. Benney, T. Tezduyar, V. Kalro, J. Leonard and M. Accorsi
3-D Computation of Parachute Fluid-Structure Interactions: Performance and Control

1999-021   K. Stein, R. Benney, T. Tezduyar, V. Kalro, J. Potvin and T. Bretl
Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of a Cross Parachute: Comparison of Numerical Predictions with Wind Tunnel Data

1999-022   Y. Osawa and T. Tezduyar
A Multi-Domain Method for 3D Computation of Wake Flow Behind a Circular Cylinder

1999-023   J. E. Akin
Object Oriented Programming via Fortran 90

1999-024   K. Kashiyama, S. Sugano, M. Behr, and T. Tezduyar
Space-Time Finite Element Method for Shallow Water Flows Considering Moving Boundaries

1999-025   S. Collis and Y. Chang
On the Use of LES with a Dynamic Subgrid-Scale Model for Optimal Control of Wall Bounded Turbulence

1999-026   Y. Osawa and T. Tezduyar
3D Simulation and Visualization of Unsteady Wake Flow Behind a Cylinder

1999-027   T. Tezduyar and Y. Osawa
Finite Element Stabilization Parameters Computed from Element Matrices and Vectors

1999-028   M. Behr, D. Pressel, and W. Sturek, Sr.
Comments on CFD Code Performance on Scalable Architectures

1999-029   V. Kalro and T. Tezduyar
A Parallel 3D Computational Method for Fluid-Structure Interactions in Parachute Systems

1999-030   S. Ray, G. Wren, and T. Tezduyar
Fluid-Object Interactions in Interior Ballistics

1999-031   S. Collis and A. Dobrinsky
Evaluation of Adjoint Based Methods for the Prediction of Receptivity

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