This is the Spring 2005 MEMS department seminar listing. Seminars listed on Wednesdays are the required seminars for the M.S. and Ph.D. students registered for MECH 606 or MSCI 500/501. We will put additional seminars here as they are announced. Be sure to check back often for the next scheduled seminar.

All seminars are held in DH 1075 unless indicated elsewhere.

  • January 26 - Justin H. Kerr - NASA JSC Houston, TX
    Title: Impact Testing of the Shuttle Orbiter Thermal Protection System

  • February 9 - Ahmed Sameh - Purdue University
    Title: A Preconditioned Scheme for Non-Symmetric Saddle Point Problems

  • February 16 - Matthew Begley - Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville
    Title: Chemo-Mechanical Interactions Between Adsorbed Molecules and Thin Elastic Films: A Theoretical Framework and Implications for Micro-Device Development

  • February 23 - Alan Gent - University of Akron
    Title: Elastic Instabilities in Rubber: Aneurysms, Creases and Kinks

  • March 2 - Farhang Pourboghrat - Michigan State University
    Title: Constitutive Modeling for Forming and Dailure Analysis of Materials with Abaqus

  • March 16 - Eric M Taleff - University of Texas at Austin
    Title: From Superplastic Forming to Quick-Plastic Forming of Aluminum Sheet: The Realization of Mass Production

  • March 23 - Othon Rediniotis - Texas A&M Univ, College Station
    Title: Nano-to-Macro Technologies for Drag Reduction and Hinge-less Flow/Flight Control

  • March 30 - Cheol Park - NASA Langley Research Center
    Title: Multifunctional and Structural Nanocomposite Design for Aerospace Applications

  • April 6 - Eliot Fried - Washington University, St. Louis
    Title: Transformations Between the Isotropic and Uniaxial Nematic Phases of a Liquid Crystal

  • April 13 - Kyle T Alfriend - Texas A&M Univ, College Station
    Title: Dynamics and Control of Formation Flying Satellites

  • April 20 - Edward Red - Brigham Young University
    Title: Direct Control of Machines and Production Processes
    The Part Printing Paradigm

  • April 27 - John Valasek - Texas A&M Univ, College Station
    Title: Adaptive-Reinforcement Learning Control for Shape Reconfiguration: Morphing Air Vehicles

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