Petros Tratskas, "Wavelet-based Excitation Representation and Response Determination of Linear and Nonlinear Systems," Pol D. Spanos, director

Gokturk Tunc, "Convection Heat Transfer in Microchannel Gaseous Slip Flow," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Howard A. Wagner, "Critical Point Pressure Sensitivity," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Leonard Yowell, Jr., "Thermal Management in Ceramics: Synthesis and Characterization of a Circonia-Carbon Nanotube Composite," Enrique V. Barrera, director


Arnaud M. Chevallier, "Nonlinear Stochastic Drilling Vibrations," Pol D. Spanos, director

Alvaro Agustin Fernandez, "An Object-Oriented Framework for Solving Model Problems Using the Sequential Function Approximation Algorithm," Andrew J. Meade, Jr., director

Prasanna Subhash Gandhi, "Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Transmission Attributes in Harmonic Drive Systems," Fathi H. Ghorbel, director

Pascal Josephus Hos, "Nanoscale Thermal Systems in Subcritical Region," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director


Javier Arjona Baez, "Structural Topology and Shape Optimization Using the Finite Element Method," John E. Akin, director

Athanasios Athanasiades, "Respiratory Function: A Systems Approach," Fathi Ghorbel and John W. Clark, Jr., directors

Yong Chang, "Approximate Models for Optimal Control of Turbulent Channel Flow," S. Scott Collis, director

Arturo Alejandro Fuentes, "Dynamics of Deformed Droplets: Thermophysical Property Measurement Using Acoustic Levitation," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Brian M. Mayeaux, "Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Properties of Ceramic-Fullerene Thin Films," Enrique V. Barrera, director

Jon B. Olansen, "Virtual Bio-Instrumentation: Integrating Biomedical Experimentation with Systems-Level Modeling and Analysis," Fathi Ghorbel, director

Vallabhajosyula Ravi Shankar Rao, "A Wavelet Based Numerical Scheme for Stochastic Mechanics," Pol Spanos, director

James Conrad Pope Smith, "The Use of Shock Physics to Predict the Mechanics of Hypervelocity Impact," Y. C. Angel, director

David L. Thomson, "Sequential Function Approximation of the Radiative Transfer Equation," Andrew J. Meade, Jr. and Yildiz Bayazitoglu, directors

Xiaoyan Zhong, "The Lorentz Force and Temperature Distribution in a Longitudinal Electromagnetically Levitated Sample," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director


Chi-Shun Chao, "Optimal Control of Ship Maneuvers for Course Change, Sidestep, and Collision Avoidance," Angelo Miele, director

Karen Lozano Gonzalez, "Development and Characterization of a Nanofiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite," Enrique V. Barrera, director

Ruvinda Gunawardana, "Control of Serial and Parallel Robots: Analysis and Implementation," Fathi Ghorbel, director

Ning Li, "Longitudinal Recording on FePt and FePtX (X=B,Ni) Intermetallic Compounds," Bruce M. Lairson, director

Haitao Song, "Selected Mechanical Problems in Load and Depth Sensing Indentation Testing," George M. Pharr, director

Ye Wang, "Wavelets and the Discrete Ordinate Method for the Solution of Radiative Heat Transfer through a Participating Medium," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Donghui Zang, "Statistical Mechanics and Kinetics of Hydrogen Vacancy Interaction of Metals," Rex B. McLellan, director

Lingyi Zheng, "Novel metal-C60 Nanocrystalline Magnetic Thin Films," Enrique V. Barrera, director


Gregory L. Davis, "An Analysis of Nonlinear Damping and Stiffness Effects in Force-Limited Random Vibration Testing," Pol Spanos, director

Myron A. Diftler, "Alignment of Threaded Parts Using a Robot Hand: Theory and Experiments," Ian D. Walker, director

Priya K. Gopalan, "Differential Roles of Adhesion Receptors During Neutrophil Adhesion to Endothelial Cells under Flow Conditions," J.E. Akin, director

Michael Kokkolaras, "Utilizing Parallel Optimization in Computational Fluid Dynamics," Andrew Meade, director

Salvatore Mancuso, "Ascent Performance Feasibility for Next-Generation Spacecraft," Angelo Miele, director

Petar Maroevic, "Equiliburim and Diffusion Studies of Metal-Hydrogen Systems," Rex B. McLellan, director

Kuok San Ho, "Magnetic Recording on Co-Alloy Perpendicular Multilayers," Bruce Lairson, director

Kris Schouterden, "Evolution of Friction and Wear in Amorphous Carbon Thin Films," Bruce Lairson, director

Xiayang Sheng, "Processing and Characterization of Copper-Fullerene Systems," Enrique Barrera, director

Wei Zhao, "Transverse Thermal Conductivity of Thin Dielectric Films," Franz R. Brotzen, director


Rafael Moreno, "Object-Oriented Implementation of the Galerkin Finite Element Method and its Application to the Numerical Study of Natural Convective Flows in Enclosures," Bala Ramaswamy, director

Rod Shampine, "Experimental and Analytical Results for Longitudinal Electromagnetic Levitation," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Ting Tsui, "Factors Limiting the Accuracy of Mechanical Property Measurement by Nanoindentation," George Pharr, director

Haining Yang, "Electrostatic Adhesion Testing of Metallizations on Silicon Substrates," Franz Brotzen, director


A. Ad-Doheyan, "Scattering of Antiplane Surface Waves by an Embedded Crack in a Layered Elastic Solid," Yves Angel, director

Alexei Bolshakov, "Finite Element Studies of Mechanical Property Testing by Nanoindentation Methods," George Pharr, director

Srinivas Chippada, "Numerical Study of Thin-Film Flows and Open-Channel Flows," Bala Ramaswamy, director

Yuri Koba, "Average Antiplane Motion in an Elastic Solid Containing a Layer of Randomly Distributed Cracks," Yves Angel, director

S. Krishnamoorthy, "Instabilities in Heated Falling Films: A Full-Scale Direct Numberical Simulation," Bala Ramaswamy, director

Scott Miller, "Multibody Mechanics and the Residual Flexibility Method," Pol Spanos, director

John Olivas, "Surface Study of Process Contamination of Plasma Spray Metal Deposition Process," Enrique Barrera, director


Daniel Badders, "Plasticity, Localization, and Friction in Porous Materials," Michael Carroll, director

Robert Eberle, "A Physically Motivated Reduced-Order Modal Energy Technique for ARMA Spectrum Estimation," Pol Spanos, director

D. Scott Harding, "Cracking in Brittle Materials During Low-Load Indentation and its Relation to Fracture Toughness," George Pharr, director

Arya Majed, "A Residual Flexibility Approach for Decoupled Analysis of Nonlinear, Nonclassically Damped System of Combined Components," Pol Spanos, director

Jonathan Morris, "Microstructural Analysis of Plasticity in Low-Load Contact Damage of Silicon and Germanium," Daniel Callahan, director

John D. Rowatt, "Application of Markov Chains to the Critical Element Model for Determining the Fatigue Life of Composites," Pol Spanos, director

Udaya Sathuvalli, "Force and Heat Generation in a Conducting Sphere in an Alternating Magnetic Field," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Liu Yang, "The Hydrogen Solubility and Diffusivity in Ni3Al Al and Developing a Hydrogen Tolerant in Ni3Al Alloy," Rex McLellan, director


Sandra Hernandez, "Corrosion Susceptibility of Thin Films," Franz Brotzen, director

Kevin Magee, "A Vision Based Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Approach to the Control of Hyper-Redundant Robot Manipulators," John Cheatham, director

David Trevas, "The Effect of Shear on the Thermal Conductivity of Non-Newtonian Fluids," Alan Chapman, director


Weng Pin Chen, "A Three Dimensional Finite Element Method for Quantifying Stress Shielding Following Total Hip Replacement," J.E. Akin, director

Paul Gillespie, "Photoluminescence of Nitrogen-Doped Zinc Selenide by Photo-Assisted MOCVD," Daniel Callahan, director

Fu Joseph Hou, "Linear and Non-linear Finite Element Modeling of Bone-Implant System in Uncemented Total Hip Arthroplasty," J.E. Akin, director

James McMahon, "Energy Release Rate in a Cracked Elastic-Plastic Shield," Yves Angel, director

Yang Teng, "Finite Element Approaches to Phase Change Problems with Application to Casting Processes," J.E. Akin, director

Margot Wasz, "Cell Modles for the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Interstitials in Metallic Solutions," Rex McLellan, director

Guangdian Wu, "Windshear Identification and Detection in Simulated and Real Environmentals," Angelo Miele, director

Zhigao Zhao, "Optimal Trajectories for the Aeroassisted Flight Experiment," Angelo Miele, director


Sarmad Adnan, "Design, Analysis, Implementation, and Control of a Mobile Robotic Testbed for Teleprescence," John Cheatham, director

Matthew Barry, "A Qualitative Theory of Gas Dynamics," J.E. Akin, director

Tswen-C Jue, "Numerical Study of Cavity Natural Convection Flow with Augmenting and Counteracting Effects by Projection Finite Element Method," Bala Ramaswamy, director

Michael Payne, "Drilling Bottom-Hole Assembly Dynamics," Pol Spanos, director

Hoo Wang, "Optimization of Flight Trajectories in a 3D Model of Windshear Flow Field," Angelo Miele, director


Reginald Berka, "Development of a Large Space Robot: A Multi-Segment Approach," Pol Spanos, director

Chih-H Chang, "Computer Aided Design of Femoral Stem Prostheses," J.E. Akin, director

Yu-Che Chen, "A New Method for Solving the Kinematics of Multifingered Grasping and General Redundant Inverse Kinematic Problem in the Presence of Obstacles," John Cheatham and Ian Walker, directors

Stephen Collard, "High-Temperature Elastic Constants of Gold Single-Crystals," Rex McLellan, director

Alfred Griffin, "Impedance Spectroscopy Response of Aluminum-Copper-Silicon Alloys," Franz Brotzen, director

Ching-China Ji, "Analysis of Combustion of Pulverized Coal by Diffusion Flame," Ruben D. Cohen, director

Petar D. Jones, "Radiation and Convection Heat Transfer in Particle-Laden Fluid Flow," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

John D. Norwood, "A Neural Network Approach to the Redundant Robot Inverse Kinematic Problem in the Presence of Obstacles," John Cheatham, director

Jill Peterson, "Entrainment and Turbulence Characteristics of Low Verlocity Isothermal and Buoyant Jets," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

P. Suryanarayana, "Interfacial Dynamics of Liquid Droplets and Thermophysical Property Measurement," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Peter Weiland, "A Connectionist Approach to Autonomous Robotic Navigation," John Cheatham, director


Subir Bhattacharjee, "Filter Approaches to Stochastic Dynamic Analysis of Compliant Offshore Platforms," Pol Spanos, director

Aladin Borick, "Modeling of Setting Stresses in Particle Reinforced Polymer Composites Using Finite Element Analysis," Constantine Armeniades, director

Massood Mofid, "Development of an Elastic Solution for Predicting the Dynamic Response of Beams Subjected to a Moving Mass," J.E. Akin, director

Michael Regalbuto, "A Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robot/Teleoperator with Applications as an Aid for Severly Handicapped People," John Cheatham and Thomas Krouskop, directors

Kung Chris Wu, "The Use of a Laser Imaging System for Automated Vehicle Guidance and Space Servicing Tasks," John Cheatham, director


Tarik Baykara, "Effects of Liquid Phases on Interfacial Sliding in Alkali Halide Crystals," George Pharr, director

Shankar Krishnan, "Thermophysical and Optical Property Measurements of Electromagnetically Levitated Liquid Metals," John Margrave, director

Woon Yung Lee, "Optimal Trajectories for Hypervelocity Flight," Angelo Miele, director

Charles Rosenmayer, "Characterization of VLSI Interconnect Materials: Mechanical Behavior, Time Dependent Plasticity, and Electromigration," Franz Brotzen, director

Robert Rothberg, "A Numerical Study of Vortex-Shedding Syppression in Laminar Flow About a Cylinder Near a Plane Boundary," Alan Chapman, director

Romain Roy, "Pade-type Solutions to Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics," Pol Spanos, director

Denny Stephens, "Finite Element Solution Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Beam-on-Foundation Problems," J.E. Akin, director

Ching-Yaw Tzeng, "Windshear Estimation Along the Trajectory of an Aircraft," Angelo Miele, director


Patrick Tibbits, "Application of Numerical Methods to Dislocation Modeling of Creep," George Pharr, director


Donald Allen, "Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Induced Oscillation of an Elastically Mounted Circular Cylinder Using Body-Fitted Coordinates," W. Walker, director

Tung Ting Lam, "Numerical Optimization for Convective Instability," Yildiz Bayazitoglu, director

Yu-Hsu Lin, "Analysis of Cavity Stability in Weak Porous Rocks Using a Strain Softening Method," John Cheatham, director

Marc Paul Mignolet, "ARMA Simulation of Multivariate and Multidimentional Random Processes," Pol Spanos, director

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