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J.E. Akin
Computational Mechanics - CAD

E.V. Barrera - Chair
Materials Science

A.R. Barron - (joint: CHEM)

Heat Transfer

F.R. Brotzen - Emeritus
Materials Science

M.M. Carroll
Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics

A.J. Chapman - Emeritus
Heat Transfer - Thermodynamics

F.H. Ghorbel
Control Systems, Robotics, Biomedical Systems

B.C. Houchens
Modeling of Fluids, Heat Flow & Magnetohydrodynamics

C.M. Landis
Solid Mechanics

J. Lou
Materials Science and Nanotechnology

R.B. McLellan
Materials - Metallurgy

A.J. Meade
Fluids - Thermal Science

A. Miele - Emeritus

S. Nagarajaiah-(joint: CEVE)
Dynamic Systems and Mechanics

R.P. Nordgren -(joint: CEVE)
Solid Mechanics

M.K. O'Malley
Systems Dynamics and Control - Mechatronics

P.D. Spanos
Engineering Mechanics & Probabilistic Methods

T.E. Tezduyar
Computational Fluid Dynamics & Fluid-Structure Interactions

J.M. Tour - (joint: CHEM)
Molecular Electronics and Computing

C.C. Wang - Emeritus
Mechanics and Applied Mathematics

B.I. Yakobson
Computational Materials Science

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