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Who We Are
The Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Department is part of the George R. Brown School of Engineering. It is one of seven departments and is chaired by Dr. Enrique V. Barrera.
There are 19 faculty who make up the department. Their specialties cover a wide number of areas ranging from Biomechanics, Materials, Heat Transfer, and Computational Fluid Dynamics, to Control Systems/Robotics, Mechanics, C.A.D., Aero/Astronautics, and Applied Mathematics.

Our Objective
Our goal is to prepare leaders educated in the fundamental science and technology of the basic disciplines of Mechanical Engineering and of Material Science and Engineering.

A Little History
The Mechanical Engineering Department was created one year after the 1912 opening of the University which at the time was known as the Rice Institute. It continued as a single entity until 1954, when Professor Franz Brotzen was hired as an Assistant Professor of Metallurgy and started the program of Materials Science. In 1962 Materials Science received a separate accreditation. As a result, the department was renamed the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Department (MEMS). In the years that followed....

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